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Welcome to MIJ Guitars Online Store!!

Guitar Parts for your DIY Guitar Life!!

All of our guitar parts are MADE IN JAPAN, which are in great quality!! All products are shipped directly from our factory in JAPAN, with meticulous care. Check out and find out all items you need for your instrument.

Let us help you enjoying your DIY guitar life!

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New Products! (1/21/11)
-Pickguard for Telecaster
-Pickguard for Lefty

MIJ High Qurlity Guitar Parts

There two lines of our products.
One is our original guitar parts which designed for MIJ guitars and basses, or model taken from legend MIJ guitars.
We carry populer Japanese blands, too, such as Gotoh Parts and Pickups, Fender Japan, Greco, and more.
Please let us know if you can't find guitar parts you want. We can get them for you!!

Featured Products!! - All guitar parts you need

Pickguards Knobs Gotoh Pickups
Guitar Parts Pickguards Guitar Parts Knobs Guitar Parts Pickups

Pickup Covers Pickup Rings Pots and Switches
Guitar Parts Pickup Covers Guitar Parts Pickup Mounting Rings Guitar Parts Pots

Screws Bridges, Tailpieces Nuts, Saddles
Guitar Parts Screws Guitar Parts Bridge Guitar Parts Nuts

Tuners Tremolo Back Covers
Guitar Parts Tuner Guitar Parts Misc

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